Cheap and Free Modelling Supplies 

There are a number of cool ideas for cheap and free terrain. I'll try to amass them here as time permits.


  • GeoBlox provides some free paper models, including a trireme.
  • (formerly MechXF) - Not surprisingly, this terrain is intended for Mechwarrior/Battletech.
  • Germ's World - 3D paper dungeons and 1/300 paper buildings.
  • Origami - I kid you not, this enthusiast has paper Samurai (25 mm), Napoleonics (15 mm), and Sci-Fi
  • Wizards of the Coast Free Chainmail Terrain (25-28mm) - foldup paper buildings as well as some 2D stuff, such as Rural Church, Town Tavern, Medieval Inn, Windows and Doors, Versatile Outbuilding, Blacksmith Shop, Gothic Graveyard, Mausoleum, Rustic Bridge, Woodsman's Hut, City Walls, Tower, Cottages, Foldup Instructions. Also:
    • Miscellaneous - 2D-terrain: Magma Pool, Boulder Piles, Chasm, Sinkhole, Row of Stalagmites, Subterranean Pool
    • Miscellaneous - 2D-terrain: Briars, Hedgerow, High Wall, Hill, Hut, Low Wall, Mausoleum, Quagmire, Row of Headstones. Row of Trees. Stake Barrier, Woods, Terrain Rules
  • Warmaster Paperware - Some 10 mm scale (I think) paper buildings, very cool.
  • Sparks - Makers of "paper miniatures". In fact they are along the lines of Steve Jackson Games' Cardboard Heroes (tm). This does not make the less cool, but the only real paper miniatures I have seen are the origami ones above, as they have 3D arms, legs, etc.

Christmas Villages/Scenes

You can get some great after Christmas deals here in the US. All of these are painted and ready to go. Lemax is mostly resin/foam. The others are generally plaster.

Name of item (number, cost after discount) [These are just examples from shopping in January 2004; I cannot help you find these items]

  • Michael's, Hobby Lobby - Lemax Christmas village, 50% off
    • Crates (3, $1.50)
    • Barrels (1 large, 2 medium, $1.00)
  • Lowe's - Carole Towne Collection
  • K-Mart - Trim the House, O' Holy Nights. This set features desert terrain. It is made from plaster, but the pieces are generally pretty hollow/thin and light.
    • The stone bridge looks great and can accommodate two 1" diameter bases abreast.
    • The Town Wall is pretty nice, standing 6" high and 7.5" wide. One end is a finished post, while the other isa broken. It is brickwork and the paint job is decent.

Strange Sources

  • For exposed corrugation in cardboard - light bulb boxes, liner of pizza box (ask the store for clean stuff)
  • Columns - Wedding cake supply stores; aquarium store; DIY/hardware stores (ribbed wooden dowels)
  • Greenery & Rocks - aquarium store; dollar stores
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