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Run #14 - Muckin' About

Real world: This "run" occurred over Session #18, 13MAR2003. The runners for this session were Titus (Ryan), Fifi (Reema), Arrow (Sarah), and Taro (Tim).


Run: 6 (5 if you have >50 earned karma)
Bonus opportunities: +1 if war story

Individual Warstories

Taro's Warstory (+1 karma)



15JAN2063 (Monday)

  • Fifi gets a Force 1 Sustaining Focus for Enhanced Reflexes (28k)
  • 1400 Titus gets a job from Steven Hanley (Security Mage Buddy)
    • Need to recover a steel attaché/briefcase from sewers
    • Have tracker with location
  • 1700 Titus gets tracker and reads manual
  • 2200 Noodle shop - meet & plan, leave to gear up
  • 2400 Team geared up and ready to go.

16JAN2063 (Tuesday)

  • 0015 Enter location #1 - spot case, try to grab it with magic -> backlash -> case dislodged -> heads down the sewers at 25-30 MPH. Team leaves location and follows.
  • 0040 Team gets ahead of case and tries intercept it at location #2 - this location is far more toxic and, due to some comically bad rolling, Arrow nearly dies in the sewage and Taro takes a good chunk of damage too. Team retreats.
  • While trying to get ahead of it and decide what to do, the case stops.
  • The case moves counter to the flow of the sewer and in other directions at ~3 MPH for a few minutes, then stops.
  • 0050 Location #3 - team has left area that they had a block map for. They venture into the sewer. Ambushed by 10 members of a pack of 14 Ghouls, one is a Mage. Titus knocked out by a powerful Stun Bolt. They neutralize the Ghouls and retrieve the case. The case is boobytrapped and they suffer a grenade blast at close range in a small enclosed chamber. The last 4 Ghouls then try to ambush them, but the team handily dispatches them, with the aid of Fifi's City Spirit. When they finally get back to the manhole, there is a dangerous looking guy with an SMG waiting for them. When the first person pops their head out, Fifi, he has a gun pointed at her. He demands the case. She hands it to him and then tries to Stun Bolt him. He gets the drop on her and shoots her with a burst, which is just enough to take her to Deadly and "splash" into the sewage she goes. Taro pops up and blasts with his autocannon, immobilizing the vehicle. The guy opens the door and blasts at him. Taro goes one box past deadly and "splash" into the sewage. Finally, Arrow pops up and takes the guy out, thanks in part to the fact that she is wearing enough armor to get Ballistic 7 protection and has her Body boosted magically. In the end, Titus was knocked out, and the rest of the team is almost killed - Taro with one box of over a "deadly" wound, Fifi at "deadly" wound, and Arrow a few boxes shy of "deadly".
  • 0115 - Team heads to Silver's home (contact of Arrow) for healing. Silver agrees to heal the team only if they agree to do a week of volunteer work at an orphanage.