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Run #12 - In Deed

Real world: This "run" occurred over Session #15 & #16, 02MAR2003 & 16MAR2003. The runners for this session were Titus (Ryan), Fifi (Reema), Arrow (Sarah), and Taro (Tim).


Run: 4 per session (3 if you have >50 earned karma) + 1 for completion
Bonus opportunities: +1 if war story, can write one per session if desired.

Individual Warstories

Taro's Warstory (+2 karma)

22 December 2062 [continued]

Today was an extremely eventful day. In addition to everything I experienced just getting into Seattle for the first time, I have been contacted by a group of like-minded people. Apparently, Kitsune alerted them to my arrival. Perhaps he thinks that the asoociation would be mutually beneficial. I met the leader, a Amerindian man named Kenji, at the Soyzchuan Palace noodle shop near the temple. We shared a hearty meal of noodles, and I shared several of my favorite Ainu folktales with him. Kenji seemed to enjoy the stories and, after I finished, told me that I would hear from the group again soon. On the way back to Arrow's apartment, I was attacked by an ork man, who proved to be very capable with his tetsubo. After fighting briefly, he took his leave and indicated that he did not necessarily share Kenji's opinion of me. If this is how everyone in the group conducts themselves, I may have to reconsider joining. Also, I attracted the attention of the Lonestar cops again. Apparently, a troll running, even if he is running home, is a suspicious thing. Fortunately, the ork had left me bruised enough that the cops believed my story and gave me a ride to Arrow's apartment. I returned to my futon on the floor, relieved to be intact.

23 December 2062

Last night late, we received word from Titus that his magical group had a job for us. After the rest of the team scouted and strategized, I was sent to obtain filter masks, so that we could stand the nasty environment of the ash wastes in Pullyallup. I also spoke with Kitsune again, promising to send patronage his way. I tried unsuccessfully to obtain more information than we had about the building we needed to investigate. In doing so, I did try contacting my friend Lari, but I was only able to leave her a message. I also spoke to Sauly the cab driver, who frequents the Off-Duty bar. He moonlights as a driver for a variety of tasks that require discretion, but did not know anything about a warehouse in the middle of the ash wastes.

24 December 2062

Today was spent investigating the mysterious warehouse itself. Careful surveillance revealed that I know nothing about car repair and that nobody seems to regularly travel by road towards or away from the building. Tonight, Arrow and I snuck in closer to the building and discovered the front door appeared strangely cold to thermal vision. Arrow was able to sniff out jet fuel, leading us to discover a hidden hangar door in the ground some distance from the building. I was able to use rice-paper walk to sneak past the pressure sensors hidden around the door. We were unable to determine an obvious way to enter the complex, so we are taking turns watching over the course of the night.

25 December 2062

I happened to be on watch at 7 AM when a helicopter approached. The hangar opened up, allowing another to leave, only to be replaced by the new one with military precision. During the change-over, the whole area is monitored by four cameras. I shared this with my team, who decided we should sleep on it and prepare to infiltrate the complex the next morning during the 7 AM helicopter exchange. After resting in the motel, we obtained some necessary supplies, such as climbing gear. We happily filled our bellies at the Soyzchaun Palace before setting out for another night of scouting. As we drove out to the wastes, I realized that today is Christmas, but the city seemed only slightly less busy. I am glad that I was not raised to celebrate such a commercialized holiday. I may not really be a Buddhist anymore, but at least I know it.

26 December 2062

Around midnight, I went scouting again, but I was not as successful this time, since I set off the sensors twice while attempting to sneak around the hangar again. Afterwards, I spent the early morning hours in meditation and recalled a saying Master Daizui enjoyed:

Even the clumsiest man is a ninja when the water buffalo stampedes.

I have taken this to mean that the pressure sensors will ignore us when the helicopter passes over, creating lots of noise and vibration. The team hopes to use this effect and a little stealth to gain entry to the complex. As expected, the helicopter exchange happened at 7 AM, and we made our move. We entered the compound with little difficulty. Titus and Fifi used invisibility spells to enable the team to get in position to deal with the guards and technicians left in the hangar. For my part, I dispatched the two technicians with well-placed roundhouse kick, largely unnoticed, since I was under Titus's invisibility spell. We proceeded through the complex with some difficulty, especially when we encountered two mages with toxic spirits and effects at their disposal. Defeating them allowed us to pass through a rift in the Astral plane, where we encountered a large crow spirit under the control of some powerful magic. I wanted to stay and explore this strange place, but we had other duties requiring our attention. An elevator led us to the surface and a large room where many crow shamans were being held captive. After killing the technicians, we freed them from the strange devices that held them. As we made our way out of the building, we discovered the Astral rift had disappeared. Fifi arranged transport through her fixer, and we attended to the bewildered shamans. They had been held for months in some cases, and we thought it best to send them home with a good meal, so we returned to the Soyzchuan Palace and had the special. It had real meat and was quite good. I think I will become a regular at this restaurant.

Most importantly, though, I have worked off my debt to the group and earned enough extra to get a place of my own. I must remember to properly thank Arrow for her hospitality. I also need to learn how to use this gun I retrieved from one of the guards at the warehouse complex. I would very much like to see the Astral world again, but I feel certain that it has many dangers for which I would be ill-prepared.


22DEC2063 (Friday)

  • 1130 Firugi passes on message from Slipstream
  • 1145 Slipstream tells Titus that his magical group is trying to reach him
  • 1200 Titus contacts Jacob arranges meeting with group at Firugi's hangout at 1900
  • 1300 Titus hits the beauty shop and recovers his natural hair color
  • 1400 Taro @ (Seiji's) Buddha Temple in Loveland, Puyallup
  • 1700 Taro visits "Buddha Provides" (Seiji's store)
  • 1800 Taro meets up with Arrow
  • 2000 Taro meets up with "Kenji". Kenji speaks of a group of like-minded martial artists that he might like to join. Taro skillfully entertains Kenji with Ainu folklore.
  • 2200 Taro heads home
  • 2300 Taro attacked by an Ork wielding a Tetsubo (huge club)
  • 0000 Team gets job (Deed Ordeal for Titus) - go to a magical research facility at a specific address in Puyallup and find out what they are doing. Arrow and Taro head to her place for the night, while Titus and Fifi do a quick long distance recon of the facility.

23DEC2062 (Saturday)

  • 1000 Team meets at motel in Loveland
  • 1100 Taro visits Kitsune and asks him about the address and a Decker - no luck.
  • 1115 Taro leaves a message for Lari
  • 1230 Taro back at the motel
  • 1245 Arrow driving van while Titus and Fifi recon Astrally. They find:
    • 5-meter high fence covered with magic fungus(?) and topped with Razorwire.
    • 2 roaming Nature Spirits (toxic?)
    • Probably a ward on the building (Titus failed to cast a Clairvoyance into the building)
    • Background count level 2
    • 9 cars outside
  • 1300 Taro goes to speak with an off-duty cabbie named Solly - no luck.

24DEC2062 (Sunday) - Christmas Eve

  • 0700 Taro & Titus feign a breakdown at the sole gas station nearest the facility (back at the exit ramp) - the plan is to watch for cars coming and going from the road leading to the facility.
  • 0900 - T&T see a group of cars and bikes ride past on the highway (not to/from the facility), probably a go-gang, but not sure.
  • 1030 A&F call T&T and point out that it's Xmas eve and traffic may be nonexistent. Team regroups and considers their options
  • 1800 After dark, team grabs some food, then heads back out to the facility
  • 1900 Physical recon by Arrow&Taro; same as before, plus:
    • Fence is electrified
    • Panning camera at each corner of the building
    • Thermographic vision shows that the front door is cooler than the rest of the building when it should probably be warmer; windows are at a normal relative temperature.
    • Arrow smells jet fuel - they follow the smell
  • 2000 Arrow & Taro discover what may be a large hatch (15mx15m) in the ground 50 meters east of the facility.
  • 2100 Taro discovers pressure plates reaching out to a perimter 10m around the hatch.
  • 2130 Taro finds hard 20cm x 40cm regions of ash at each corner of the hatch.
  • 2200 Various team members keep watch at the hatch area on and off. The ash is toxic and causes increasingly worse damage with prolonged exposure, starting after an hour.

25DEC2062 (Monday) Christmas

  • 0700 Taro is on watch alone when a VTOL craft approaches from the north. Cameras pop out from the corners of the hatch (the hard spots) and scan side to side and up and down (but not the hatch itself). A VTOL leaves from the hatch and pulls away to the east and with clockwork precision the incoming VTOL pulls into the hatch to land. The hatch closes quickly and then the cameras recede into the ground.

Session #15 Ends

  • 0800 Team at Hotel in Loveland
  • 1400 Awake -> plan
  • 1500 Shopping at Rocks & Jocks ("advneture store" in Snohomish)
  • 1600 Eatin' noodles...relax/sleep
  • 2300 Head out to facilityr, park on shoulder of road, 1/2 mile away
  • 2330 Taro trips sensor on door -> cameras scan x2 min
  • 2335 Taro trips sensor on door -> cameras scan x5 min
  • 2345 Sleep...

26DEC2062 (Tuesday)

  • 0500 Get up and get to work.