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Run #10 - Get me!

Real world: This run occurred during Session #11 & #12, 24NOV2002 and 01DEC2002. The runners for this session were Kozmo (Corey), King (Lars), Fifi (Reema), Arrow (Sarah), and Titus (Ryan).

* - we skipped 10NOV2002, and we played on 01DEC2002 because folks were out of town 08DEC202.


Run: 8 karma.
Bonus opportunities: +1 if war story.

Individual Warstories

?'s Warstory




  • 1700 Kozmo called Titus with a run and contact info for "King".
  • 1830 Drive by area
  • 1900 Astral scouting
  • 1930 Move in, kill bad guys, team gets captured
  • 0200 Arrow wakes up (thanks to her magically enhanced Body) and overpowers nurse, unhooks team members from drugs, counters the effects for everyone but Kozmo (limited antidotes)
  • 0230 Team is feeling better and they make their move, overpowering the Troll outside their door
  • 0330 Team progressively takes out the various guards and secures the clinic. They wake up the other victims and re-equip themselves and the victims.
  • 0400 Surgeons show up. Team uses security system to neurostun the bad guys. Kozmo blows up one OR (well it's something) on way out
  • 0430 Group and victims get back home


  • One person rescued is Shadowrunner that only called himself "Jack"