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Run #4 - Rocketgram Sir!

Real world: This run occurred during Session #4, 07JUL2002. The run started with a simple fight against a trio of ganger punks to recover a girl they had reputedly taken by them. This led to a follow up run to destroy the gang. The runners for this mission were Boomer (Tom), Fifi (Reema), Kozmo (Corey), and Titus (Ryan). Payment: 8k for the first bit, 60k for the main run.


Run: 6 pts. apiece
Bonus opportunities: +1 if war story

Individual Warstories

We'll see...


28FEB2061 (Monday)

  • 2200 - Six Caps calls Fifi. He needs a group of people to take someone from a gang, and he needs them immediately.
  • 2245 - Fifi picks up the last of the team in the group's van as Six Caps calls. The target is someone's daughter, snatched by a gang. Snatch the girl back before the gangers do anything to her, and they get 8k. They have just been sighted at a Stuffer shack in Tacoma. Team races to site.
  • 2300 - Team gets girl back with little fuss. Titus has a devil of a time trying to grapple her :)
  • 2315 - Girl delivered, team paid. Offered 60k to destroy the gang. They accept. They have until Dawn the following Monday (07MAR2061). Paid 3k apiece advance.
  • 2330 - Boomer uses all of his money to pay his household bills, squeezing in just under the wire...

01MAR2061 (Tuesday)

  • 0000 - Team discusses plan, checks out site from a long distance. Hazy, deserted area. Gas pumps near a warehouse.
  • 0100 - Astral recon
    • Level 3 background count
    • 20+ people, 4+ Trolls, 5+ Dwarves, 2+Orks
    • Gas station, gas pumps, one garage, warehouse with vehicle-sized entrance at either end.
    • Eyekiller (paranormal animal) pet critter on site, Titus runs into it and gets bitten, then Fifi runs into it and gets bitten.
    • Team withdraws to Downtown Puyallup.
  • 0130 Kozmo heads to after hours club, Boomer goes home to sleep, Titus and Fifi get rooms in a nearby hotel.
  • 0600 Titus and Fifi launch an army of Watcher Spirits to investigate and watch the area, two survive but provide little useful info.
  • 0900 Watcher spirits finish reporting
  • 1000 Team briefed and gathered
  • 1100 Boomer and Kozmo conduct physical recon
  • 1300 Recon over, little new info learned, but snazzy pictures from Kozmo's eye enhance the planning. :) Kozmo finally goes to sleep.
  • 1600 Titus wakes up
  • 2200 Kozmo wakes up
  • 2300 Team gathers in Titus's room, eats, and plans. Boomer offers some tactical advice and soon a plan is underway which basically amounts to get em! It will start with Boomer launching rockets into the maing building while they sleep and Fifi blowing up the gas station with a Fireball.

02MAR2061 (Wednesday)

  • 1000 Boomer dropped off at the west of the compound with Armor spell (sustained by Elemental) and Watcher spirit watching for bad guys. He moves into position while the team swings around to the north of the compound.
  • 1010 Titus notices Spirits dead. Contact lost with Boomer. Team rushes over to him.
  • 1012 Fifi and Kozmo go to investigate Boomer. Ambushed by Shaman, Kozmo drops hard but Fifi manages to shrug it off completely. Titus tries to back the van into the Shaman, but is unsuccessful. Fifi takes cover from a Fireball and avoids damage. A City Spirit comes after her. Titus sends his Earth Elemental [force 5] after the Shaman and pumps it full of spell defense dice. It burns karma like crazy to avoid getting killed as it manifests. It survives and proceeds to Engulf and kill the Shaman. Titus uses stimpatches to wake up Kozmo and Boomer. The team proceeds with the plan, in spite of the yelling of the Shaman which appeared to have little visible effect.
  • 1015 Boomer puts a rocket right in the middle of the sleeping gangers. Fifi blows up the gas pumps with a Fireball, generating a massive explosion. Boomer layes down a deadly rain of fire with his gyromounted machinegun and the rest of the team picks off folks from the safety of their brand new Bulldog Security Van. Finally, they drive into the hideout to take down the rest. Boomer makes sure by putting an extra burst into each fallen foe. Mission completed!