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Run #3 - PIC Express, When You Absolutely Need it Stolen by 6:00AM

Real world: This run occurred during Session #3, 23JUN2002. This was the first really traditional run-like adventure. This was a site penetration run in which the team needed to steal a computer. The runners for this mission were Arrow (Sarah), Boomer (Tom), Fifi (Reema), Kozmo (Corey), and Titus (Ryan).


Run: 5 pts. apiece
Bonus opportunities: +1 if war story

Individual Warstories

None! Can you believe it? Tsk, tsk, tsk. I can't even give karma way to these slackers... :)


23FEB2061 (Wednesday)

  • 1400 - Jared calls Kozmo. Need at least three more people for a site penetration and recovery of an item.
  • 1600 - Team gathers and meets Jared at a park. Jared wants them to enter an office building (PHB) and steal a computer. It has to be stolen before 5:00 AM. Average security level. He offers 15k, 20k if they don't raise an alarm.
  • 1630 - Team rents a van and heads to PHB. Astral scouting reveals some generic details to fill out the floor plans Jared gave them. Team heads to a Crappy's Cheap Fish to plan. They decide to opt for sneaking in quietly.
  • 2400 - Run begins.
  • 2415 - 1st perimeter camera spoofed (put in continuous loop).
  • 2420 - 2nd perimeter camera spoofed. Kozmo spots guard at parking entrance booth; he is alert, so Kozmo decides to wait.
  • 0117 - Guard finally starts to doze off. Kozmo sneaks in and plants tube for Neuo-Stun gas.
  • 0120 - Guard is out.
  • 0125 - Arrow advances into perimeter.
  • 0128 - Kozmo props up guard and spoofs entrance camera.
  • 0130 - Boomer advances to perimeter.
  • 0135 - Fifi advances to perimeter. Kozmo spoofs 1 of 2 cameras en route to freight elevator. Team starts advancing into underground garage.
  • 0140 - Titus advances to perimeter and into underground garage. Kozmo spoofs 2 of 2 cameras en route to freight elevator.
  • 0145 - Team at freight elevator. Kozmo cracks keypad on elevator and opens the door.
  • 0151 - Kozmo spoofs elevator camera
  • 0155 - Boomer opens panel in ceiling and helps Kozmo up. Kozmo climbs to 7th floor.
  • 0158 - Kozmo at 7th floor. Entire team on top of elevator.
  • 0200 - Kozmo exits onto 7th floor, evades cameras and spoofs two cameras in hall.
  • 0215 - Team in manufacturing area, start searching.
  • 0244 - Finished searching room, move to SE cubicle area.
  • 0318 - Finished searching area, move to SW cubicle area.
  • 0403 - Finished searching area, move to NW cubicle area.
  • 0428 - Team finds computer then avoid detection by housekeeper.
  • 0443 - Team makes their way to the freight elevator, dodging housekeeper en route. While sneaking out of parking area, guard hears something, they run for it. No obvious alarm triggered.
  • 0450 - Team in van. Arrow smells explosives in computer. Team distances themselves from the computer and they contact Jared.
  • 0520 - Team meets client. Client takes the computer, disables the explosives, pays Jared, and leaves. Jared pays team.