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R. Aspland et al "Collecting and Painting Wargames Armies"; Games Workshop.
ISBN 1-872373-42-2
This book should be easy to come by via any retailer of GW products.
This is a nice book, but it should really be titled Collecting and Painting Games Workshop Armies". The techniques, painting, and examples are all exclusively GW paints, GW minis, and GW armies. It's not a bad thing. On the contrary, their recommendations are probably the best when using GW paints and hobby materials on GW minis. For example, GW's current paints (Citadel Colour line) are transparents, so priming in black is advisable for the more oft-used colors and the book recommends it. If you own GW products and you want a good reference, this is an excellent start.

R.H. Cabos "Modelling and Painting Figures", Osprey Modelling Manuals, Volume 8; Accion Press.
The book gives some contact info:
ISBN 1-902579-23-2
Originally printed in 1998 and reprinted in 2000. It's kind of funny because they have some old Sapce Marine figures in an example. This one focuses more an individual figure and includes adapting a figure, heavily converting (e.g. making a WWII guy into a Space Pilot), anatomical considerations and such.

Sheperd Paine "Building and Painting Scale Figures", Scale Modelling Handbook No. 13; Kalmbach Books.
I picked up my copy at my local Borders books, so it's pretty easy to order/find.
ISBN 0-89024-069-8
Originally published in 1993, reprinted in 1994 and 1995. This book is aimed at more competition-level painting, but it also includes material on scratchbuilding, detailing, converting, painting with oils, etc. This book also includes dioramas and groundwork. I liked the info on pins and various types of glues. The author did some professional work building models and such for Monogram promotions and he's won lots of awards.


  • Join the mini-painter Yahoo! group for an instant cadre of hundreds of minis painters of all levels and interests that can help guide you.
  • masterclassminiaturepainters Yahoo! group: "devoted to Professional Miniature Enthusiasts who strive for excellence. Whether it be sculpting, painting single miniatures, vignettes, dioramas or armies."
  • 1listsculpting Yahoo! group: "Do you, or have you ever wanted to sculpt things? (like games workshop models / miniatures) Come and learn how!"
  • miniaturepaintingclub Yahoo! group: a club for miniatures painters, similar to the mini-painter Yahoo! group.
  • mini-fanatic Yahoo! group: Mostly industry news about minis, they specifically do not encourage discussions about mini painting.
  • (The Miniature Conversion Workshop) TMCW Yahoo! group: A dedicated group for miniatures conversions.
  • TPMPs Yahoo! group: "This group is both a forum and a resource for individuals involved in the professional side of miniature painting. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or aspiring novice, a local area painter or a web painter you are welcome to join."

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