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Vlad (Vladislav Olafson), Champion of Gaia

Physical Description

Initial Stats (Appearance 2, Charisma 2, Pure Blood 5, Leadership 3, Intimidation 3)

The screen door on the icehouse opens and a tall muscular man slips in. You've seen bigger on TV, but he's one of the biggest guys you've seen in person. He scans the room as if looking for someone and cocks his head to the side as if in thought. A quick snort signals the end of his brief contemplation and he steps up to the bar.

Trailer trash? Naw, he's too regal for that. Regal? Why'd I think of that word? Weird. Biker, maybe? Looks rough enough. Shoulder length black hair, kinda greasy. An untucked plaid shirt partially conceals a black T-shirt proclaiming Metallica. Heavy leather bracelet. Frayed dingy jeans. Unshaven, but in a scraggly unkempt way. His black dingo boots look sturdy but worn.

Sally's taking his order. Crap, you'd think she was a piece of meat the way that guy is eyeing her. She doesn't seem to mind, though. Well, he seems friendly enough, but there's something dangerous back there. Maybe that's why she's letting him act the way he is. She likes the bad boys.

She's finally done. What a tramp. He's getting up. Uh-oh, why's he coming over here? Damn, he sure looks a lot bigger. Man he's pretty close. Stay calm. Be cool. Why the hell am I sweating? Crap, those eyes. Black, cold, piercing. Does he know about that night in Juarez? Is this her brother? Crap, I'm gonna die.

"You done with this?"

His voice resonates as he speaks and gestures at the habanero sauce. Speak, dammit! He's gonna know! Say something!

"Uh, yeah."

Christ, I sounded like a freakin' schoolgirl. He's smiling all friendly-like, so I suppose we're done here. Good, he's got the sauce and he's heading back. Damn, I gotta take a leak. Screw that, I'll wait 'til I get home.

"Sally, check!"