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Vlad (Vladislav Olafson), Champion of Gaia

Character Generation

The Storyteller gave us the following constraints:

Follow standard character creation rules, except for:

  • 1 "floater" point to be added anywhere you choose amongst your attributes. (No attribute more than 5 in Homid form.)
  • 30 Freebies
  • No Klaives.
  • Don't spend any Background points on Totem.
  • Points in Flaws must be less than or equal to points in Merits, no more than 7 pts. in Merits
  • Tribal Weaknesses from previous edition of rules will be used

I ended up with full moon Auspice, "Ahroun". They are the Warrior auspice and usually have the more Rage in them Rage is not just an emotion, it's a mystical force in this game that Werewolves can channel.

I chose to have him be Homid, which means his natural form is human and he was raised among humans. It has some drawbacks, but I think it makes the most sense for my idea - a mythic hero with a destiny of kings. The other breed forms have less comprehension of the ways of man and I think a future king of the Garou (the werewolves) would be best served knowing the ways of wolf and man.

I chose Silver Fangs, as they are the tribe of rulers. They have a pretty serious tribal weakness - Derangement. I chose to have his Derangement be Melancholy, in the form of bouts of despair at the coming Apocalypse, the seeming futility of the struggle, the death of the Garou, the destruction of Gaia, etc.

Here we go:

  1. Breed - Homid (human); Gnosis 1, Gift chosen - Master of Fire (fire is treated as bashing damage).
  2. Auspice - Ahroun (full moon); Rage 5, Gift chosen - Inspiration (spend 1 Gnosis and rest of pack gets automatic success on Willpower checks for the scene)
  3. Tribe - Silver Fangs; Willpower 3; Gift chosen - Falcon's Grasp (spend 1 Rage and +3 Strength for Grapple or Jaw Lock for scene); Tribal Weakness - Derangement, I chose Melancholy, which will manifest as fits of despair related to the plight of the Garou.
  4. Attributes
    1. Physical (3+7)
      1. Strength 3
      2. Dexterity 3
      3. Stamina 4
    2. Social (3+3)
      1. Charisma 2
      2. Manipulation 2
      3. Appearance 2
    3. Mental (3+5)
      1. Perception 2
      2. Intelligence 2
      3. Wits 4
  5. Abilities
    1. Talents (13)
      1. Alertness 2
      2. Brawl 3
      3. Dodge 3
      4. Intimidation 3
      5. Primal Urge 2
    2. Skills (9)
      1. Leadership 3
      2. Melee 3
      3. Stealth 3
    3. Knowledges
      1. Linguistics 1 (Native English + Spanish)
      2. Occult 2
      3. Rituals 2
  6. Backgrounds
    1. Pure Breed 5 - this trait reflects how heroic and pure the blood line of the PC, or as I like to say how "cool" he is. :)
  7. Free floater point for stats - Raise Strength to 4
  8. 30 Freebie Points
    1. 20 - Max out Physical Attributes to 5
    2. 7 - Max out Willpower to 10
    3. 1 - Buy Rituals Background 1 (at Storyteller's suggestion, to allow clothes to change with form)
    4. 2 points to Merit (see below)
  9. Merits & Flaws 3 pt Merit - 1 pt. Flaw
    1. Merit - Calm Heart (+2 to Frenzy test difficulty). Vladislav, like most Homids, was not a very spiritually connected man in the eyes of the Garou (Gnosis 1). As such, he turned to religious and philosophical teachings of all sorts in an attempt to deal with his anger. Meditation and contemplation have led him to find an inner peace.
    2. Flaw - Banned Transformation: Relaxing Music. In Vladislav's pursuit of inner peace, he started slow. His "training wheels", as it where, were relaxing musical selections. As such, the calming effect of such music still has enough of an impact that it makes it difficult for him to shift forms.

Initial Stats

Name: Vladislav Olafson Breed: Homid Pack Name:
Player: Michael J. Casavant Auspice: Ahroun Pack Totem: Bat
Chronicle: Road to Emmaeus Tribe: Silver Fangs Concept: Future King

Strength 5 Charisma 2 Perception (instincts) 2
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina (unbreakable) 5 Appearance 2 Wits 4

Alertness 2 Animal Ken Computer
Athletics Drive 1 Enigmas
Brawl (tooth & claw) 3 Etiquette Investigation
Dodge (footwork) 3 Firearms Law
Empathy Leadership 3 Linguistics* 1
Expression Melee 3 Medicine
Intimidation (physical) 3 Performance Occult 2
Primal Urge 2 Repair Politics
Streetwise Stealth 2 Rituals 2
Subterfuge Survival 1 Science
* - Languages aside from native tongue (English): Spanish


Pure Breed 5
Rites 1

Master of Fire (1 Gnosis)
Inspiration (1 Gnosis)

Falcon's Grasp (1 Rage, +3 Str Grapple & Jawlock)

Glory (2) 0 Rage 5 (5) Rank 1

Honor (1) 0

Gnosis 2 Weakness: Melancholy
Wisdom (0) 0 Willpower 10 (10)  

Talisman Dedication

Calm Heart (+2 to Frenzy)

Banned Transformation - Relaxing Music


Hunting knife
Sturdy Clothes