A Small Unit Fantasy Skirmish Minis Game


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This is an interesting game that I am starting to learn. It uses a 4x4 table and players run "warbands", units of around ten miniatures. It occurs in a dark, devastated, fantasy milieu.

Getting Started

I like to make notes when I get involved in a game for the benefit of other newbies that follow in my foot steps:

  1. Pick up a copy of Mordheim from your local merchant - this will include some human and Skaven miniatures, the rulebook, and some nicely made cardstock terrain.
  2. Make note of the GW Mordheim Site, it's useful and informative.
  3. Download all of the files from the GW Mordheim Site Resources page
  4. Take a look at the Q&A pdf you just downloaded in #3; it's the same as the info on their FAQ web page
  5. Make a warband, get a 4x4 and some terrain, and play!