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The Missions

Mission List

Warwick House

PCs: Jack Harmon, Alex O'Connor, Jeffrey Tippins

The group was called for a very simple clearing of a Ghost from an old house that was to be renovated.  Deaths had occurred, so construction had been halted.  Unfortunately, as humans are oft wont to do, the renovators had suddenly convinced themselves that the deaths were simple accidents and were preparing to begin anew.  They knew they were dealing with a Ghost and that destroying some key item of significance to them would banish them, but little else.  They were given a 12 hour deadline the evening after they arrived. 

This would be the party's first mission.  Jeff was cocky, Jack was eager, and Alex was ready to kick some Unknown butt. 

Memorable moments

  • The scrawny Jeff hanging from a crowbar, trying to pry boards off of a window
  • Alex calmly gunning down a zombie while the others raced past her
  • Jack beating Jeff in the Sprint Outside and Vomit competition
  • Jack taking up smoking again with a vengeance
  • Jack smacking Alex's head into a wall while he was . . . you guessed it, fleeing.

The Finale

The group figured out that a wicked man and his wife were haunting the house as Ghosts.  They knew that a ship, The Mercy, was involved in their deaths.  Jeff found a secret door up to the attic, where they found the Ghosts.  Jack and Jeff stumbled back down the stairs, Jack dropping his axe.  This left Alex to deal with the bad guys.  She realized that the main brace to the attic was in fact the keel of The Mercy and, while the Ghosts delivered their twisted soliloquy, she whacked at it with the axe Jack had dropped.  She made quick work of the old, rotten wood and soon had split it in two, banishing the Ghosts.  No one had died, injuries were minimal, The Society had not been exposed, and we had a lot fun.  All in all, a good mission.  It's time for some tough stuff . . .

A-har Matey! Part I

PCs: Jack Harmon, Alex O'Connor, Jeffrey Tippins, Marion "Rip" Blanks

The group was called upon to travel to Jamaica and investigate two possibly related things - 1) the disappearance of some people form their boats between the West Indies  and Florida, 2) the loss of contact with John Peters, a Society Agent stationed in Jamaica.  They would receive on site support from a fellow agent, Remy Labeaux. 

Memorable moments

  • Jack and Alex playing tourist, prompting the burly bartender of The Briny Shoreman to break out his pirate jargon, e.g. A-har Matey!
  • A Barroom brawl in The Briny Shoreman in which Rip left with an inflated ego, and Jeff left with a broken hand (be careful pulling guns and turning your back on the burly bartender)
  • A knock down, drag out slugfest between Jack and a martial artist thug near a hotel ice machine - the thug was knocked out by a lucky punch by which time Jack was almost to beaten up to care
  • The same thug waking up, slipping his bonds, and almost dropping Rip in a single strike
  • The team scampering about a supposedly abandoned airfield, trying not to be discovered by gun toting thugs - did I mention only one of the PCs had Stealth?
  • Rip and Alex jumping onto the bad guys plane instead of just planting a bug in the rear cargo hatch, prompting the Jeff and Jack to follow suit


After some investigating, the party went to an abandoned airfield, lead by an investigative reporter, Cameron Fields, and his trusty guide, Cisco.  The premise was to investigate the possibility of a white slavery ring.  Nothing to suggest anything strange, then things got weird.  A slick, smart guy, referred to as Mr. Jackson, with a suit and a couple of hard core henchmen flew in and met with a group of thugs.  He berated them, killed the leader and sent them on an errand.  The party followed and witnessed them abducting families wholesale from a nearby village.  The party followed them back to the airfield and planned to place a tracking device on the plane.  Mr. Jackson met the thugs, took the "cargo" of people and had his henchmen kill the thugs.  Meanwhile, Rip and Alex were getting antsy and decided to not just plant the tracking device, but also to stow away in the plane's rear cargo hatch.  The rest of the party quickly followed suit, and things got interesting.  The party was en route to an unknown destination, but at least Remy had some idea what was going on . . . 

[This dragged into two sessions while the group figured out who was best at what and how they should split up, etc.  Basically, working out the kinks and learning how to work as a team.]

A-har Matey! Part II

PCs: Jack Harmon, Alex O'Connor, Jeffrey Tippins, Marion "Rip" Blanks

The party had just landed at some mysterious airport and were taxiing in to a hangar.  The party sensed The Unknown here. 

Memorable moments

  • Jeff knocking out Jack (accidentally, so he says)
  • Rip (a stuntman) leaping onto the airplane wing, dashing to the top, and . . . slipping off the plane and falling to the ground
  • Jack's grisly exploration of the hut filled with dead bodies
  • The twinkie-eating thug somehow managing to knock out Jack
  • Jack almost waking up a room full of sleeping soldiers
  • Rip somehow not dying when two guys came after him with assault rifles and Alex gunning down one of them from extreme range
  • When the zombies started appearing, Jack's comment "but there were just bodies in there . . ."
  • Jeff knocking out the knife-wielding sniper bad ass in the control tower
  • When Alex shot a Ghoul right between the eyes and it did not drop "It didn't drop!?"
  • Rip using a HMMWV as a weapon (well he is a Master Driver)
  • Alex gunning down Ghouls left and right, especially the one that she dropped just before it could rip her heart out

The Finale

Jeff and Jack were securing the control tower while Alex and Rip "provided a distraction."  Unfortunately, a hut full of imprisoned Ghouls also used the distraction to their advantage, animating dead bodies in an adjacent hut.  Jack, who had earlier explored the hut, instictively responded with an innocent but perfectly-timed "but there were just bodies in there." 

While the soldiers on site were fighting zombies, the Ghouls managed to smash their way out of their hut.  As they were smashing their way out, Alex had lined up a shot and blasted one right between the eyes, but failed to drop it ("It didn't drop!?"). A bloody exchange ensued, leaving the zombies and soldiers dead.  As the Ghouls bent down to feast on their dead foes, they were greeted by Rip's headlights as he zoomed towards them in a HMMWV he had "acquired.". 

Rip ran down one of the five remaining Ghouls, but the other four leapt onto the HMMWV and started clawing their way through the roof.  He rounded a corner, throwing one off, and started barreling towards Alex.  She blazed away, knocking the remaining Ghouls off the vehicle an killing one.  Rip put his Master Driving skills to good use running down another Ghoul and crushing yet another into the hangar.  That left one healthy Ghoul charging at Alex and she had three shots before it was on her.  Shot one wounded it, but it didn't slow it down.  Shot two hit, but it kept coming, it's feral red eyes piercing her soul.  Just as it leapt to strike, her third and final shot struck home and killed the beast which landed at her feet before dissipating into a noxious vapor. 

The team freed John Peters (see part I), captured a mad doctor, Dr. Gerstein, and burned down the facility.  The apparent "big guy" Mr. Jackson was nowhere to be found.  They later found out that Mr. Jackson had provided resources for Dr. Gerstein to summon Ghouls to be used in the production of new biological weapons by harvesting the diseases from their bodies (eating rotting corpses is not very sanitary).  The poor abductees were being used to test the diseases and as food for the Ghouls . . . ick.


PCs: Jack Harmon, Alex O'Connor, Jeffrey Tippins, Marion "Rip" Blanks

En route from a courier drop at Las Vegas, Jeffrey stops in the small Colorado mountain town of Respite to catch a quick nap.  Leaving the sleepy town, he discovers a body on the side of the road, with unusual neck wounds.  His suspicions multiply when the town sheriff seems unimpressed and nonchalant about the incident.  Jeffrey reports the incident and he and his fellow Agents - Alex, Jack, and Rip - head to Respite to look around. 

The mission went unusually smoothly.  The team went to Respite and checked into a Bed & Breakfast run by a nice old woman named Thelma Lou, who adamantly required that they return by 9:30 P.M.  They cruised around town looking for clues and getting little information other than discovering that the dead businessman Jeffrey had found had left his car at Sam's Sauce Shack, a little bar a least 20 miles from where his body was found.  The town Sheriff, Sheriff Lobo, a large burly, hairy fellow, was extremely mild-mannered and dismissive, treating the group as a bunch of excitable city slickers. 

The party returned to the Bed & Breakfast only to find a Werewolf.  Jeffrey ran screaming into the woods, Jack ran for his gun, and Rip and Alex did their best to slow it down.  Soon they were unconscious and bleeding and Jack was quickly trying to ready his pistol and load it with his clip of silver bullets, nursing the elbow he fractured breaking open the car window.  The beast raced at Jack only to be downed at the last instant by a well aimed shot.  The silver slew the beast instantly, and it fell to the ground, slowly changing into . . . Thelma Lou.  In light of the fact that they were caught with their pants down, the group really kicked ass, with Alex and Rip doing some hardcore martyr stuff. 

The group took the body to a Society operative that disposed of it.  Jack, Rip, and Alex went straight to a hidden surgery room in a luxury hotel in Denver, and Jeffrey returned to home base to be debriefed.  Alex had the presence of mind to search Thelma Lou's belongings before the group left and found a diary from over a century before that placed Thelma Lou as being an original inhabitant of the town, when it was but a trading post. 

The Society followed up and concluded/discovered that: 

1) Sheriff Lobo had disappeared.  He is an avid mountaineer, at least 80 years old (although he appears to be 30), and may be a human ally of the Unknown.  The Society is concerned about him pursuing the team members in the future. 
2) Thelma Lou was in fact a human being infected by the Unknown.  Apparently she had engaged in cannibalism in her formative years as a child.  She later had some contact with a Werewolf, it was vague as to whether she was bitten, had intercourse with it, or something else.  Either way, she was unable to resist the Werewolf lust for fresh human flesh and blood.  She joined the ranks of the Unknown and soon feasted upon her fellow humans with impunity.  It appears that after a few years her mind was shattered by her duality, no doubt a side effect of being a creature of both the Known and Unknown.  It also seems that her senility in her later years dimmed her urge for human flesh, making her activities easier to cover up and/or dismiss.  The Society believes she was at least 150 years old when she died.

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