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Battle Report 35 - The Tastiest Brain

Tyranids vs. Chaos Space Marines

Composed by Michael J. Casavant (Hive Fleet Phage)




Lars is trying to hone a list for a local Rogue Trader Tournament.

Naming convention: The food that have faced Hive Fleet Phage have named the Hive Tyrants that continue to plague them. The one that trudges forward implacably with an escort of Tyrant Guard they call "Thunder." The swift winged beast that races across the battlefield and shatters bodies and vehicles alike has been dubbed "Lightning." They have also named the Carnifex engine of destruction, "Mjolnir".

The Battle

We rolled among six RTT scenarios. We ended up with Head of the Snake. The idea is the go kill the other guy's general. Unfortunately, like many scenarios, there is no compulsion for a shooty army to actually do anything but sit and shoot. We used a relatively light terrain setup.

"Doctor Praxis! The subjects have arrived!"

A wave of glistening chitin moved smoothly across the plain towards the observation post.

"Doctor, you are quite sure that we are safe?"

"Yes, Collin, quite sure. The force screen over the viewports prevent sensory inputs from passing to the outside, and if my calculations are correct, this hive is currently optimize to track and hunt the Black Legion's geneseed, so we should be quite safe."

"Yes Doctor. But what of the Inquisition? Is this not the heresy they spoke of? To sit idly by and watch the enemies of the Emperor without reporting their presence?"

"I will hear no more of it Collin! Begin the recordings! Quickly! They have already begun firing!"

Aerial recon image HFP-35.02 - The authors wish to note that 2-4 of the "Spinegaunt" brood at lower left have already been slain, as well as 2-4 f the "Lysogaunt" brood positioned near the winged Hive Tyrant "Lightning". This image also shows the appearance of "Gargoyles" but the absence of the "Biovores" so commonly seen in HFP observations.

"Yes Doctor, my apologies." The younger man moved rapidly among the equipment, wraithlike as his lab coat flowed to and fro, tracking the movements of his gaunt frame.

Doctor Praxis was lean. The surface of his shaven head broken by two Servitor control modules. The fleshy borders of the metal lumps never quite healed and remained moist and bright pink. The Doctor's eyes glistened with an intensity, but the source was unclear.

The creatures advanced quickly as a wave, then suddenly broke into smaller elements. A large leviathan vehicle lumbered behind a copse of trees firing mighty shells across the battlefield that slammed into the oncoming horde, killing small clusters of the creatures. Small arms fire took a toll as well, tearing into the smaller creatures with explosive rounds that shattered their bodies and sent ichor flying.

"What is the large vehicle behind the trees Doctor?"

"It must be one of those Defilers. A recent addition to the armory of the unholy."

"Interesting...notice how the swift moving Gargoyles have drifted off with the Mjolnir-strain Carnifex. Ah yes, the Horma-gaunts are seeking the cover of wood, along with the Lyso-gaunts. There is no cover left for the Spine-gaunts. Perhaps there is a hierarchical system or perhaps a programmed predilection...hmmm."

"Doctor, psychometry readings detect a warp tear forming west of the small building!"

The air wavered and crackled with energy as forms stepped from nowhere into the battle. Fierce, demonic beasts, like creatures from some grim fairy tale.

"Ah yes, Bloodletters. Interesting. It's a shame they have moved behind the building. Cue remote camera 19!"

Aerial recon image HFP-35.03 - This image shows the Bloodletters entering the battle via a warp rupture (the red creatures to the left of the building).

The image of the Bloodletters settling into a position in front of a squad of Chaos Marines flickered onto a nearby screen.

"Ahh, yes, wait. Enhance the lower right grid. Is that? Yes, it's a Lictor! Zoom in!"

The wall of the building appeared to move and bulge. The bulge moved slowly along the wall towards the Bloodletters, then shimmered into the form of a Lictor, moving too fast now for his Chameleon scales to keep him completely hidden from sight as he leapt into the Bloodletters, followed quickly by the remaining Spinegaunts, scampering over the freshly slain corpses of their fellows Tyranids. Mjolnir trudged forward firing at a distant Rhino. Gargoyles streaked in to join the fight against the Bloodletters and Marines, but retreated almost immediately as more than half of them were shot or hacked from the sky.

"Hmm, these Bloodletters may be a new variety. They seem uncommonly resistant to the attacks of their foes. Focus sensors 35 through 43 on them for the duration of the battle."

Mjolnir joined the fight with the Marines and Bloodletters, felling a few marines, but he quickly fell to the huge supernatural swords of the Bloodletters and the powered gauntlet of the Marine champion. [I almost forgot to include this, as I have personally become so accustomed to Mjolnir dying quickly and unremarkably]

"Yes sir. Doctor, the Hormagaunts have reached the command element."

"Hmm, so they have. Such ferocity in the face of overwhelming odds. If only we could harness that. The Biomagi would lavish such honors upon me."

The creatures advanced relentlessly and were cut down with impunity, but the tide began to mount and soon every creature was engaged in close combat except for the lumbering Hive Tyrant known as "Thunder". Lightning and the brood of Lysogaunts engaged and finished off the bizarre, shapeshifting living weapons known as Obliterators just as the Defiler rushed in to engage them.

"By the Emperor! look at the beast move!"

Lightning, launched into the Defiler and shattered its mighty metal frame in seconds with a blur of attacks from its mighty bladed arms. The mighty blows flung the remains of the vehicle a good fifteen meters. Chaos Marines joined the fight with a mighty battlecry as the Bloodletters felled Lysogaunts in droves. One of the demon's blades bit deep into Lightning and the unnatural scream of the creature gave off waves of palpable rage.

Aerial recon image HFP-35.13 - This image clearly shows the debris trail indicating that the Lightning-strain Hive Tyrant was able to throw a Defiler-class vehicle approximately 15 meters.

"Sir, the Spinegaunts all appear to have been exterminated. The heretic general and one of his foot soldiers remain."

A shower of needles vomited forth from Thunder's huge bioweapon and the General and Marine fell to the ground writhing, then lay motionless.

"Correction, they are dead as well."

"Odd, why were they so intent on killing the general?"

The Bloodletters and Marines finished the Lysogaunts and surrounded Lightning. It flailed madly, slaying the remaining Bloodletters, but the mighty powered gauntlet of a Marine champion smashed great bloody holes in the fell beast's chitin. Still it remained...

Aerial recon image HFP-35.15 - This image shows the decimation of the Chaos general by Thunder's Venom Cannon. This may be an evolution of the weapon, as previous observations have suggested a lower efficacy with this weapon.

The screens flickered off suddenly and the room was cast in darkness.


"Do not be alarmed. Our power was cut. Quickly, say the tech prayers and offer supplication to the machine spirits. We must preserve this data!


Overall, a fun battle that ended in a draw. I did manage to kill off Lars's General, even if he did run away like a little girl (OK, so a 60-point Chaos Lieutenant may not be a fair match for a 200-point Hive Tyrant). :)

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