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Battle Report 29 - Asirnoth's Revenge*

Tyranids vs. Iron Hands

Composed by Michael J. Casavant (Hive Fleet Phage)

* - Asirnoth was a mighty serpent that the mythic founder of the Iron Hands, Ferrus, defeated in a legendary battle.


  • Date - 17OCT2002
  • Points - 1500
  • Scenario - Cleanse
  • Hive Fleet Phage, Tyranid Army List [played by Michael J. Casavant]
  • Iron Hands Space Marines [played by Luke Schnell]
  • Result - Victory for Hive Fleet Phage (no marines able to capture quarters, but 5 Tyranid units able to do so)
    • VPs, Hive Fleet Phage N/A - N/A
    • VPs, Food N/A - N/A
  • Battle Honours
    • Hive Fleet Phage - none.
    • Food - ?



Firmus Mutare Campaign, game eight. A battle for the central territory of Firmus Mutare. This We rolled a Cleanse mission.


Naming convention: The food that have faced Hive Fleet Phage have named the Hive Tyrants that continue to plague them. The one that trudges forward implacably with an escort of Tyrant Guard they call "Thunder." The swift winged beast that races across the battlefield and shatters bodies and vehicles alike has been dubbed "Lightning." They have also named the Carnifex engine of destruction, "Mjolnir".

The Battle

Things have been pretty hectic, so this will be brief.

Turn 0 - My free Preliminary Bombardment did not result in a single hit. We rolled for Psychic Powers. I ended up with nothing.We pretty much ran at each other and killed stuff. Dramatic highlights:

  • Thunder missed with 6 hits at once, then Major Lacoon missed 6 hits at once. Big fun for everyone.
  • Major Lacoon's Bionics worked and he rose again to assault Thunder and his Tyrant Guard, but was struck down again before he could deliver the blow (His Thunder Hammer goes last).
  • The Veteran Sergeant of Scout 2-2 held out for a few phases, standing his ground against thirty gaunts and a Lictor.
  • The Venerable Dreadnought suffered from very bad luck. Luke used his "hard to kill" to re-roll a "Weapon Destroyed" results and ended up with "Vehicle Destroyed".


My thanks to Luke for a fun game. He is still experimenting with his list and I look forward to seeing his next solution to killing bugs. :)