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Battle Report 8 - Tyranids vs. Chaos: Emperor's Children

Composed by Michael J. Casavant (Hive Fleet Phage)


  • Date - 23SEP2001
  • Points - 1700
  • Scenario - Strongpoint Attack
  • Tyranid Army List - Hive Fleet Phage
  • Chaos Space Marines: Emperor's Children [played by Cliff Maxwell]
  • Result - Solid Victory* in favor of Tyranids
    • Victory Points
      • Tyranid losses (253) - Genestealers x 1/2 brood 72, Lightning 181 (Vorpal Weapons are nasty!)
      • Space Marines (1490) - All dead, except half of the Possessed Chaos Marines. Recall, Cliff was missing 4 Possessed Marines, hence he was 120 points short of 1700 to begin with, and thus I am starting at 1580 and subtracting 1/2 of what 6 PMs would cost, or 90 pts.
      • Bunkers - no points to either of us.
    • Scenario points - None, quarters game
  • Grand Tournament Scale (Victory Points Difference) - Solid Victory*
    • 0-299 Victory Points = Draw - neither side holds the upper hand.
    • 300-599 Victory Points = Minor Victory - You have won the battle, but only just!
    • 600-1,199 Victory Points = Solid Victory - You have decisively defeated your foe!
    • 1,200+ Victory Points = Massacre - You have ruthlessly crushed your foes!

    * - I have downgraded it from Massacre because of the confusion on the army list and the fact that it was only a Massacre by 37 points, which might easily have been made up for by the presence of another unit.


Notable things

  • I managed to surround a Rhino with Inifiltrating Genestealers, surround it, and destroy it, taking out the unit inside without a fight. This was the first time that Infiltration was beneficial for me, let alone viable.
  • Cliff's Possessed Marines managed to down Lightning with their Vorpal Weapons (ouch!)
  • The other Rhino exploded and killed almost half of the other Genestealer squad. Damn brood telepathy! They should listen to the Hive Mind - "don't hit the ammo!"

Important Note

My opponent played with less than his full list so he was at a disadvantage. There was a lot of confusion in translating his list to Army Builder and he ended up paying for four Possessed Chaos Space Marines that he did not use. It definitely would have helped to have those four extra guys.


The food that have faced Hive Fleet Phage have named the Hive Tyrants that continue to plague them. The one that trudges forward implacably with an escort of Tyrant Guard they call "Thunder." The swift winged beast that races across the battlefield and shatters bodies and vehicles with its mind they have dubbed "Lightning." They have also named the Carnifex engine of destruction, "Mjolnir."

Turn Zero

The misguided slaves of the False Emperor were crushed. The planet was ours. Praise Slaanesh! The agony of our foes' deaths was delicious. Their Commander would not yield any information, he only laughed mockingly through the blood and torn flesh. As Inquisitor Shraxas prepared to finish him off, screams of alarm sounded through the doorway. The marine Commander spat a mouthful of bloody saliva at the Inquisitor, gave a gallows smile, and grunted, "surprise!"

The Inquisitor turned about ready to shatter the minds of the handful of foolish marines that sought to take their Commander back with them. He shielded himself behind the Commander's body and waited. Dents appeared in the doorway, but they were not like those a Bolter would cause, they were more like claws...

I was the Attacker, so I went first, but there were Sentries, so I was able to advance on my turn. I resisted the urge to kill the Sentries and advanced my army inward. This allowed my Genestealers to flank the two Chaos Rhinos.

On Cliff's turn we moved Sentries about. He managed to get one within range and spot some bugs and my grand plans of infiltrating most of my army past his Sentries were dashed.

Turn 1

We were trying to raise the sentries on the radio when the alarm was raised on the perimeter. Someone had killed the Inquisitor. No, not someone. SomeTHING.

OK, so I used my move to surround the left Rhino with a Genestealer brood and position my other brood at the flank and side of the other Rhino. I then assaulted in. I managed to cut off the exit from the left Rhino and destroy it, killing off the entire squad inside without a fight. This is the first and probably last time I will ever accomplish that. :-P

My other Genestealer unit did not fare so well, they generated an explosion result on their Rhino and 4 of them died. Very annoying, but hey, the hive can always make more. :-)

The surviving Noise Marines boil out of their Rhino and rush the Genestealers.

Turn 2

The Hive Tyrant continues grappling with the Daemon Prince and the first unit of Genestealers advance toward it.

The Daemon Prince falls even as the Daemonettes are summoned to aid their foul brethren. One tries to warp in near the last Noise marine, but there is a distortion and they try to warp in amidst a sea of Spinegaunts and are torn aport by the warp. [I felt bad for Cliff on this one. Losing a whole unit without a fight sucks, period.]

The Spinegaunts, oblivious to their good fortune, crush in, hungry for the flesh of the strange shrieking creature that came out of the moving box.

Turn 3

With no enemy biomass left, the hive arrays itself, awaiting the arrival of more to consume.

A Chaos Dreadnought arrives and charges into the horde of Spinegaunts hungering for the thrill of physical combat as distant a sensation it might be, it's mind shattered by its deprivations.

Turn 4

The Genestealers join the fray and assault the Dreadnought with vigor.


The Rippers and Genestealers descend on the Fleshcaster Rholgath (Sorceror) and he relishes the pain as he is torn to pieces.

Lessons Learned

  • Genestealers can actually infiltrate effectively! I finally have a chance to do something useful with the Genestealers' Infiltration ability. They are very much the primary reason this fight ended up a Massacre. They killed an entire Noise Marine Squad and its Rhino without a single wound or even letting them get a shot off. This scenario is a very good reason to have Infiltrators in your army.
  • Vehicles Can Explode! OK, so this is the second time now. I need to try and take down vehicles without blowing them up!
  • Psychic Scream could be useful. I have not faced that many Psykers lately. Also, I find that I am more likely to expose Lightning to get a shot with Warpblasts. I think Psychic Scream would serve me better. At least once it would have caused an attack from the Warp on the Sorcerer.
  • Daemon Princes can be dangerous. By sheer luck, I was unable to kill the DP until the third round of attacks while managing to avoid getting killed by the Poison Tail, which hit everytime, but failed to wound. I should really try and one-shot kill them with a VC shot from my HT or Carnifex.

Tactics Developed

  • I finally had a chance to try out moving to surround a vehicle during the Movement phase to allow an assault while blocking the exits of a vehicle. That was sweet.

Rules Questions & Clarifications

  • Correction/clarification #1 - What happens if I block the board edge that Reserves are supposed to come in on? I don't know...