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Battle Report 4 - Tyranids vs. Ultramarines (Space Marines)

Composed by Michael J. Casavant (Hive Fleet Phage).


  • Date - 12AUG2001
  • Points - 1700
  • Scenario - Recon
  • Tyranid Army List - Hive Fleet Phage
  • Ultramarines [played by Bill Green]
  • Result - Bill conceded in Turn 3. Complete Victory for the Tyranids. The Ultramarines were consumed!



We could not decide on a scenario we liked, so Bill opted for a set 'em up and kill stuff battle. Bad news for my Infiltrators...

The Ultramarines started setting up first. We used the alternating setup the scenario called for. I chose to go with long edges (instead of corners).

Tyranids won the dice off for first move and I chose to go first.

Note: there are two Hive Tyrants on the board.

The marines that have faced Hive Fleet Phage have named the Hive Tyrants that continue to plague them. The one that trudges forward implacably with an escort of Tyrant Guard they call "Thunder." The swift winged beast that races across the battlefield and shatters men's bodies they have dubbed "Lightning." They have also named the Carnifex engine of destruction, "Mjolnir".


Turn 1

The Tyranids advance! In their mad dash to advance through a cluster of woods, one of the Tyrant Guard suffers a wound (this was later discovered to be incorrect, see correction/clarification #1). The Biovores score a hit with a Bio-Acid mine but fail to kill anything (this was not resolved properly, see correction/clarification #2). A second mine falls short and plops harmlessly on the hill. Thunder and Mjolnir blast away at the centermost Dreadnought, but only manage to shake it.

The Marines lay down fire on the bugs, hammering Thunder and slaying a wounded Tyrant Guard of his. The Centermost unit of Spinegaunts also take some fire.

Turn 2

Lightning streaks out from behind the cliffs and unleashes a wave of psychic energy that washes over the Librarian's squad, missing them completely. Their faith in the Emperor no doubt protecting them. Thunder and Mjolnir unleash their Venom Cannons on the rear dreadnought and blow the missile launcher off of it. The swarm skitters forward, hungry for biomass. The centermost unit of Spinegaunts rush forward and assault the Terminators, mindlessly sacrificing themselves to protect Thunder. The Terminators grimly lay waste to the bugs, praying quietly to the Emperor that they are ready for the onslaught of the wave of Genestealers.

The Marine firepower laid down on Thunder is reduced as they struggled to see past the Terminators locked in sword and claw combat with the Spinegaunts. They still manage to slay the other Tyrant Guard. Lightning is hit and wounded as well. A missile arcs through the waves of gaunts and blasts into the leftmost Genestealer brood, tearing a few apart in a spray of gore. The Terminators fare poorly against the Spinegaunts, taking no wounds, but also inflicting very few wounds as the bugs jump and skitter out of the reach of the deadly powerfists. The forward dreadnought advances. The Rippers are cut down by weapons fire, but the rest of them mindlessly surge forward.

Turn 3

The leftmost unit of Spinegaunts and the Hormogaunts race forward and fall on two units of Tactical Marines, with the aid of Lightning. Marines begin to die in numbers, screaming in defiance. Thunder and Mjolnir blast the forward dreadnought, shattering its missile launcher and immobilizing it. One brood of Genestealers sweeps in and assaults the Dreadnought, completely immobilizing the mighty warmachine.

Thunder and Mjolnir advance towards the Terminators, finally giving into their hunger for biomass, with a brood of Genestealers at their flanks. The Rippers scamper forward, hungry.

[Bill conceded here]

[Remaining report deleted by the Inquisition]


Bill played a good game, but the dice were kind to me. I was able to get some good Fleet of Claw rolls and my Spinegaunts delayed the Terminators just enough. My poor Rippers. I need to figure out how to use those guys some day...

Rules Questions & Clarifications

  • Correction/clarification #1 - Tyranids in Difficult Terrain - Only broods with eight or more models are in danger from suffering a wound from trampling of fellow Tyranids when two sixes are rolled in the Difficult Terrain test. So Thunder's HQ unit
  • Correction/clarification #2 - Bio-Acid mines. When they detonate, a scatter die is rolled and a "HIT" means the flamer template is pointed at the nearest model.
  • Correction/clarification #3 - Assaulting a spore mine, is it even possible? This just seems like a strange way to get a free extra move. I have sent a query to the GW Roolzboyz.
  • Correction/clarification #4 - Psychic Hood and Warp Blast. We played as though Psychic Hood worked even though normal Warp Blasts were used and they require not test. In fact, the Codex Tyranids specifically says that the Psychic Hood does not work on any Tyranid Psychic Power that does not require a test.
  • Correction/clarification #5 - Hive Tyrant targeting a different unit than his guard. I think it is very clear that he can, but Bill pointed out that the rule as written talks about a Tyranid Monstrous Creature "joining" a Tyrant Guard unit and the Hive Tyrant starts with his Tyrant Guard. I expect the answer is that it makes no difference and the Hive Tyrant can still shoot a different unit. However, I have sent an e-mail to the GW Roolzboyz just to make sure.