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A collection of interesting or cool things online to enhance a game.

RPG Information Links

Underworld Info

  • Crimelibrary.com - by Court TV, so hopefully somewhat reliable. The Yakuza article was written by a professional author; though I can't speak to it's accuracy, it was very in depth.
  • Gangland.net - I don't know about this one. I looked at the Yakuza one and it looked like a trimmed down version of another site that had oversimplifications and apparent errors.

Historical Info

Online Die Rollers

  • Online Die Roller - a tool for Play by e-Mail (PBeM) games. It sends results to all interested parties simultaneously to keep everyone honest. :)
  • Irony Games' Dice Server - a little more user friendly than the PBeM one, but sometimes less stable.

Online Tabletop RPGs

So your gaming group is scatttered to the four winds or non-existent. Well, now you can run your favorite table-top RPGs online!

  • GRIP
  • Screen Monkey - I know of a friend that has good things to say about this one.


Faces for Characters

Having a face to put the name to is very nice. There are two options I generally use in my gaming, the Faces program, by Interquest, or stock photos.

Faces 3.0 is an excellent piece of software, but it has limits, given that it was created to help law enforcement with generating composite sketches of criminals.

  • Humans only
  • Race is often hard to accomplish, as the coloration is race neutral
  • The faces often look a little criminal somehow. It's great for Shadowrun. :)
  • Recently, it looks like Faces was taken over by IQ Biometrix and the cost has jumped from $50 to $500! I am looking into discounts now...


A supply of free stock photos is always useful. Some free sites (as of 14MAR2005):

NOTE: if you charge fees for pictures, I will not list your site.

Mythology Links


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