Gaming Gear


There are a lot of great things that can be co-opted for gaming. I will try to make a list here of the more interesting things I come across.

Pente Pieces

I find these to be very handy. Even if you have miniatures for every last vermin, you may need markers for grenades, spell targets, debris, the magic widget, etc. The pieces can be found at many game stores. The container I found at The Container Store; I believe it was a kitchen accessory.

A wide variety of markers for minions, grenades, spell targeting, etc.

Zipper Binder

An incarnation of Trapper Keeper notebooks. "Five Star" is simply another name for a line of Mead's products. I particularly like this zipper binder because it can hold individual folders for each player in the game; a folder for group aids, maps, etc.; pencils, pens, notecards, scratch paper, etc. Have your players keep up-to-date copies of their characters in the folders and you never have to worry about missing character sheets again! The canvas surface makes it sturdy and the zipper reduces the chance of losing stuff. A nice binder overall.

Zipper Binder, closed and open. I would recommend one for each active campaign.


This thing is great for holding posters, maps, etc. behind you. It can even support the weight of a vinly battlemat! It holds things by means of a lot of little rollers in a line. They hold things firmly without tacks, tape, etc. To secure the map, just slip it into the rollers. To remove it, just lift it out and up. Voila!

Grip-a-Strip demonstrating its strength by holding up a vinyl megamat. (the Grip-a-Strip is the unobtrusive aluminum-encased strip at the top)


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