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Various cultures have various ideologies and my gaming worlds are no different.  I love to have my gaming reinforce one's real-world knowledge, so I try to stick to the real-world names used for deities.  The Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse pantheons are dominant in my fantasy game worlds.  The Celtic deities are more prominent in forest communities, and in mysterious jungles and such the meso-american pantheon holds sway.  In my game, there are no conquistadors bent on supplanting cultures and religions.  In the colony lands where the bulk of adventures will take place, a mix of deities have risen to prominence.  I feel the best way is to list the dominant deities by bailiwick and alignment.  R denotes Roman, E denotes Egyptian, N denotes Norse, MA denotes Meso-American, and C denotes Celtic.  I did not use Finnish deities, call me "lazy".
Bailiwick Celtic Egyptian
Archery Flidais
Brewing Goibhniu
Cats Bast
Craft/Smith Credne (metalwork) 
Goibhniu (craft/brew) 
Luchta (artifice)
Death Osiris
Nephthys (protects CG souls)
Seker (protects NG souls)
Earth Geb/Seb/Qeb
Evil Set
Apep (embodiment of evil, not deity)
Fire Aedh 
Healing Dioncecht 
Hunt Cernunnos (wild hunt) 
Flidais (huntress)
Insects Apshai
Justice/Vengeance Horus (vengeance)
Lightning Eochaid
Love Aine (desire) 
Brigit (marital)
Isis (fertility)
Luck Bes
Magic Isis
Moon Arianrhod
Nature/forest Osiris
Oceans Manannan 
Peace Nisien (peace) 
Efnisien (not peace)
Sky Shu
Sun Daghda 
Seker (light)
Strength Cernunnos
Thunder Taran
Travelling Nehalennia (sea)
War Morrigan (frenzy) 
Wisdom Daghda 
Ptah (& invention)

Bailiwick Greek Meso-American
Agriculture Demeter
Archery Apollo 
Artemis (sort of)
Bats Camazotz
Brewing Hephaestus
Celebration Dionysios
Craft/Smith Hephaestus
Death Hades Mictlantecuhtli
Earth Gaea
Fire Prometheus (sort of) Huheteotl
Healing Aristaeus Itzamna (medicine)
Hunt Artemis
Dike (divine)
Nemesis (& vengeance)
Law Themis 
Lightning Zeus (sort of)
Love Aphrodite (passion/beauty) 
Eros (love)
Luck Tyche Xochipilli (gambling, chance)
Moon Luna 
Nature/forest Artemis 
Oceans Poseidon 
Peace Irene
Prophecy Apollo 
Purification Apollo
Rain Rain
Sky Quetzalcoatl
Sun Apollo Tezcatlipoca
Thunder Zeus (sort of)
Travelling Hermes 
Hekate (night)
Vice Tlazolteotl
War Ares (carnage) 
Athene (skill)
Wind Boreas (north) 
Eurus (east) 
Notus (south) 
Zephyr (west)
Wisdom Athene 
Proteus (vast knowledge) 
Prometheus (forethought)

Bailiwick Norse Roman
Agriculture Gefjun Ceres
Archery Uller 
Brewing Vulcan
Celebration Bacchus
Craft/Smith Volund Vulcan
Death Hel Pluto
Earth Nerthus 
Fire Surt (lord of fire giants) Vesta
Healing Eir
Hunt Skadi Diana
Justice Uller 
Thor (champion of )
Law Tyr
Lightning Thor Jupiter (sort of)
Love/fertility Frigga (marital) 
Freya (love) 
Nanna (vegetation) 
Ostara (rebirth/spring) 
Siofn (affairs/liaisons)
Cupid (passion) 
Venus (beauty, sex) 
Faustitas (benificence,f) 
Fecunditas (growth,f)
Luck Fortuna
Nature/forest Fauna (grove) 
Faunus (forest) 
Silvanus (primeval)
Oceans Aegir (surface conditions) 
Njord (winds, seamanship) 
Castor & Pollux 
Neptune (irrigation)
Peace Nerthus Minerva
Prophecy Freya 
Sky Uller Jupiter
Thunder Thor Jupiter (sort of)
Travelling Njord (sea) Mercury (and roads)
War Tyr Mars 
Wind Njord (and the sea) Mercury
Wisdom Kvasir (knowledge of gods) 
Mimir (wisest being) 
Odhinn (inner knowledge)
Women Juno

The Months of the Roman Empire

I use these month names for my fantasy campaign, even though I don't bother with the same number of days.
  • Januaris
  • Februaris
  • Martius
  • Aprilis
  • Maius
  • Junius
  • Julius
  • Augustus
  • Septembris
  • Octobris
  • Novembris
  • Decembris


How many days?

Well, the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians had 30-day months and 10-day weeks until the week was changed to seven days to reflect the seven heavenly bodies they could see: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn.

Days of the week - What to call them

I will only address the seven-day week here because I stick with the 28-day lunar cycle, lunar phases are often significant in fantasy games, I don't want to have to think very hard about what day a given lunar phase will start, and I don't want to make up names for more days.  I bastardized the French, German, and English names for my fantasy campaign, so I will list those names as starting points for other gamers.
Planet English German French Remarks
Sun Sunday Sonntag Dimanche Day of the Sun.  The only anomaly here is the French name for the day which derives from the New Testament reference of the day as "Lord's Day"
Moon Monday Montag Lundi Day of the moon.  The French name simply uses the latin root for moon, lunae.
Mars Tuesday Dienstag Mardi Day of Mars, but because the Romans venerated Mars as the god of war, it is the day of the war god.  Tuesday comes from the Norse war god, Tiu or Tyr.  The German name means "assembly day."
Mercury Wednesday Mittwoch Mercredi Day of Mercury.  This one makes the least sense.  The Anglo-Saxon's decided to venerate Odin or "Woden" on this day and the roles of Mercury and Odin in their pantheons are completely unrelated.  Mittwoch was created to replace the pagan reference to Odin and means "middle of the week"
Jupiter Thursday Donnerstag Jeudi Day of Jupiter or Jove, Roman god of thunder and rain.  The English name comes from the Anglo-Saxon replacement of Jupiter with Thor, the Norse god of thunder.  "Donnerstag" literally means "Thunder day."
Venus Friday Freitag Vendredi Day of Venus, the Roman goddess of love.  Frigga and Freya were variously goddeses of love in the Norse mythos and replaced Venus in the German, English names.
Saturn Saturday Samstag Samedi Day of Saturn, ancient Roman god of agriculture.  I am not sure why the French word is "Samedi;" it is not consistent with the Latin root, dies Saturni.
An example of how to apply this . . .

In my AD&D campaign I kept the order established by the Egyptians, but I chose the days from various times and cultures.  I standardized the suffix, and modified the prefixes, lengthening them to the full name in most cases, truncating in the case of Mercury.  The comments about the days are meant to reflect gameworld stuff, not cultures in the real world.

    • Sundei - This day tends to be a favorite for festivals of sun deities and believed by some to be the day when the creatures of the night hold least sway
    • Moondei - The day of new, half, and full moons.  Lunar mythologies vary widely.  Some view the full moon as a dangerous thing, others see it as the eye of their deity of the Sun peering through the veil of night, keeping vigil
    • Tyrsdei - Named after Tyr, this day reflects his two-fold nature of war and law.  It is often when tournaments are held, military campaigns are held, militia drills performed, and courts convened
    • Merdei - Named after Mercury, this day is considered a good day to travel and is often chosen over other days for ceremonious departures and arrivals
    • Thorsdei - A common day for carrying out sentences and delivering appeals for those convicted
    • Freyadei - A day of lovers and liaisons, the most . . . friendly festivals occur on this day.
    • Saturndei - From the ancient god Saturn, which I take to represent the general big daddy agrarian deity, creator, destroyer, fertilizer, etc.  Generally a day of thanksgiving and other farm happy stuff.


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