Name Slot(1-6) Stress Notes
Boosted Reflexes [3] E:2.80     sr3.302|+2RCT, +2INI
+ Eyes, Flare Comp E:0.10     sr3.300|Eliminate glare modifiers
+ Eyes, Vis Mag Ele[3] E:0.10     sr3.300|Undetectable, see pages SR3-110 and SR3-280 for effects
+ Eyes, Prot. Covers E:0.00     sr3.300|Protect eyes
Ears Cyber Repl E:0.30     sr3.299|Holds .5 Essence of ear mods free of Essence cost
+ Ear Dampener E:0.10     sr3.299|Protect against loud/damaging sound
+ Ear Hearing Amp E:0.20     sr3.299|Similar to shotgun microphone
+ Spatial Recognizer E:0.20     mm.18|-2 TNs on sound Perception tests
+ Sound Filter [5] E:0.20     sr3.299|+5 die to sound Perception, 10x against white noise
Body Compartment E:0.20     mm.23|Hollow area of body to hold small items
+Injector E:0.00     mm.23|One dose of a compound