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Run #15 - Waking Nightmare

Real world: This "run" occurred over Session #19, 01JUN2003. The runners for this session were Titus (Ryan), Fifi (Reema), Arrow (Sarah), and Taro (Tim).


Run: 6 (5 if you have >50 earned karma)
Bonus opportunities: +1 if war story

Individual Warstories

Taro's Warstory (+1 karma)



09MAR2063 (Friday)

10MAR2063 (Saturday)

  • 0400 All team members have a bad dream: wake in a room on a hospital bed, legs decapitated and hanging on the wall nearby
  • 0700 Taro meets Kenji, talks shortly, then meditates with him
  • 0800 Titus leaves message
  • 1000 Taro gets noodles
  • 1200 Fifi and Arrow wake up, Arrow goes running
  • 1300 team meets at Downtown Noodle house
    • Titus calls Crow shamans from previous run and rules them out
    • Arrow, Fifi, and Taro creature/folklore knowledge - although some creatures of legend cause bad dreams, they cannot think of any creature that could account for the simultaneous dreams of the others
  • 1400 Taro sleeps at his group's temple until 1900.
  • 1400 Arrow and Fifi search Fifi's place - nothing
  • 1400 Titus calls magical friends and then takes a nap (F4 Watcher spirit watching over him)
  • 1500 Arrow and Fifi search Arrow's place - nothing
  • 1600 Fifi and Arrow head back home.
  • 1700 An astral entity calling itself Tim (eating peanuts) contacts Fifi
  • 1900 Titus picks up Taro
  • 2000 Titus and Taro at safehouse; Titus dispels ward
  • 2200 Arrow and Fifi show up at Safehouse
  • The plan -
    • Fifi and Taro awake from 2200-0200
    • Arrow and Titus awake from 0200-0700
  • 0000 Tim appears again (eating a hot dog), whole team awake, back to plan
  • 0100 Titus gets back to sleep (finally)
  • 0100 Tim shows up (eating cotton candy, Fifi reads "Happy Valley Park" on the handle)
  • 0200
  • 0400 Arrow finds a few articles about Happy Valley Park. It was a family fun center on the outskirts of Touristville.
  • 0430 Fifi has dream - wage mage type of person talking to viewer
  • 0500 Team at HPV, Fifi recognizes marks of Black Cutters, a thrill gang. Fifi and Titus scout Astrally.
  • 0520 Perimeter - two guards at front entrance
  • 0540 Cursory - roving guard meandering about, one is sleeping
  • 0600 Zip through buildings looking for wards.
  • 0615 Fifi and Titus back at van.
  • 0625 Taro takes roving guard and returns with him.
  • 0645 Team determines that there will be a firebombing at the Tacoma South Orphanage.
  • 0700 More searching determines more plans to be thwarted, Fifi and Titus head out.
  • 0715 Fifi and Titus arrive
  • 0815 Interrogate Lou
    • Mr. Dark
    • Target 2 ORC Downtown
    • Target 3 Lonestar Downtown
    • Fifi takes Lou's phone
  • 0900 Search
    • 3 ORC locations Downtown, 1 is over an Ork Underground entrance
    • 7 Lonestar locations Downtown
    • Research: Brother Sam is being held somewhere downtown, Red Paw being held somewhere downtown
  • 0930 Meet with her
  • 1030 Reporter
    • Narrow Lonestar (sewer on map) location and ORC location (Ork Underground and infirmary)
    • Sister of Tim Walson III went missing; she is a Wuxing magician; her name is Sasha.
  • 1055 Fifi and Arrow drop one bomber.
  • 1058 Fifi and Arrow drop second bomber, send bomb to ocean via sky spirit (Force 7).
  • 1100 Report of firebomb thwarted.
  • 1115 Taro and Titus at Lonestar

11MAR2063 (Sunday)