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Quirks List

Here is where I will post quirk compilations as I make them.

Raw listing of GURPS Warriors Quirks

Affects “goth club” look, even when hunting [modern vampire hunter]
Afraid of tabby kittens
After a ride, tends to horse before anything else
Always bows to ladies
Always carries cane
Always friendly to mechanics
Always gives at least a small amount to beggars and urchins
Always has a lucky shot of scotch before taking off on a mission
Always keeps his weapon loaded with a full clip
Always late on rent
Always looks for omens
Always polite to ladies
Always shares food with fellow soldiers
Always sits with his back to the door
Always suggests a game of craps to pass the time
Always tries to cadge a free meal or drink
Always tries to take more than his share of any loot
Always volunteers
Always wears a blue cloak
Always wears a green cloak into battle
Always wears a lucky red feather
Always wears a worn-out leather jacket
Always wears cowboy boots
Always wears the same pattern when using war paint
Appears gullible, but is actually pretty canny
Approaches everything in a "military" manner
Asks philosophical questions at odd times
Associates with riffraff while remaining "straight"
Avoids hard work religiously
Avoids manual labor
Avoids work whenever possible
Baits his opponents with puns and insults
Becomes defensive when accused of laziness
Becomes nervous when strangers speak languages other than English
Becomes silent and brooding when angry
Believes he'll one day get rich from gambling
Believes he's an expert on ______
Believes his tribe must use the weapons of the <enemy> to defeat him/them
Believes in the harsh punishment of criminals
Believes in witches, fairies, and goblins [non-fantasy character]
Believes looting is a mercenary’s right
Believes secular rulers have no authority over Church matters
Believes the public should be told about the alien threat
Believes thunder comes from Wotan's belly
Believes wealth equates status
Bets on pro football
Bloodthirsty against monstrous or demonic enemies
Bloodthirsty in battle
Bloodthirsty in firefights
Bloodthirsty when fighting <group>
Boasts about his prowess
Boisterous with old friends
Broad minded
Bully when on her turf
By the book
Callous towards races other than her own
Calls everyone “shooter”
Calls motorcycle gangs “a target-rich environment”
Calls pilots "lawn darts"
Callus about fighting
Can’t turn down a plea for help
Card-carrying NRA member
Careful planner
Certain U.S. Army will soon defeat the Indian tribes
Chatty drunk
City boy who finds country life amazing
Claims to dislike violence
Collects bottle caps from the ruins
Collects brightly colored feathers
Collects fancy shoes - even when he can't wear them
Collects his fired brass when possible
Collects horror movie videos
Complains about contract violations whenever asked to do physical labor
Complains creatively
Compulsive scrounger and hoarder
Concerned about looking good in fights
Considers himself an expert on <nation> politics
Considers himself better than full <race> [for a half breed]
Constantly checks weapons for flaws
Constantly schemes escapes [slave]
Constantly snacking
Coughs around cigarette smoke
Coughs when he disagrees with a statement
Courteous to ladies
Curses a lot
Curses frequently
Curses people in Spanish
Demonstrates unarmed techniques on loud-mouth subordinates
Disdainful of other nation’s <military branch> except <nation>
Dislikes <nationality (typically enemy)> soldiers
Dislikes flatland country
Dislikes men
Dislikes operas
Dislikes orcs
Dislikes people from <area>
Dislikes traveling by water
Distrusts “suits”
Distrusts all nobles, even his own country's
Distrusts everyone he doesn’t know personally
Distrusts mercenaries
Does bad movie impressions
Does not care about religious beliefs
Does not drink
Does not eat in public
Does not form friendships with his subordinates
Does not like <insert person, preferably of some significance>
Does not speak before a fight
Does not talk much
Does not use many theatrics in the arena [gladiator]
Does nothing to excess
Doesn’t drink alcohol
Doesn’t drink coffee
Doesn’t drink or gamble
Doesn’t drink when he’s hunting a target 
Doesn’t get most jokes, but tries
Doesn’t like “hot dog” pilots
Doesn’t like flirts
Doesn’t like lewd cartoons on planes or vehicles
Doesn’t like magic
Doesn’t like meat-based meals
Doesn’t maintain his weapons well
Doesn’t trust traders from <nation>
Doubles back on her trail at least once a day
Drags out fights
Draws pictures with sand and twigs
Dresses outlandishly
Dresses simply except for special occasions
Drinks only root beer
Drinks only water or milk
Drives too fast for the conditions when on the job [driver]
Easily distracted by gadgets
Eats huge meals but doesn't gain weight
Eats only the best meals available
Eats weird health foods
Embarrassed by his Post-Combat Shakes
Ends any statement of future plans with “If the Lord wills”
Enjoys creature comforts
Enjoys cricket
Enjoys old operas
Enjoys philosophical debate
Enjoys reading military history
Enjoys schmaltzy old sci-fi
Enjoys walking alone at night
Enthusiastic about rescue operations
Examines robot wreckage thoroughly when possible
Expects others to adhere to Islamic canon
Extravagant when entertaining
Extremely polite
Falsely obsequious to his “betters”
Fanatic about his ritual pre-flight checks
Fantical body-builder
Fascinated by dangerous animals
Fascinated by new technology
Fascinated by old tales
Fascinated by rain and running water
Fascinated by spacecraft
Fascinated by stone circles
Favorite color is purple
Favorite expresison is "Smashing!"
Favors black or gray clothing
Feelings of rivalry with <group/person>
Fights bare-chested
Finds elves funny-looking
Finds levity unprofessional and says so
Finds normal clothes restricting
Finds using <enemy> weapons pleasantly ironic [guerrilla]
Flexible morals – particularly about banditry
Fond of cigars
Fond of horses
Forgets “minor” details
Forgets to was up after tinkering with an engine
Frequently says "hoo-ah!"
Friendly to anyone with a tattoo or body piercing
Generous to a fault
Gesticulates wildly when talking
Gets a tattoo for every campaign she serves on
Gets drunk after every hunt
Gets seasick easily
Gives financial advice to his men for after the war
Gives malfunctioning gadgets a hard whack before attempting to repair
Gives to environmental groups
Goes barefoot
Gullible when it comes to tales of magic or monsters
Habitually checks his ammunition clips
Haggles excessively (and ineffectively)
Has little concern for bystanders
Has no respect for guns
Has to be reminded to wash before dinner
Hates "busy" work
Hates <government>, but not all <nationality>
Hates <religious group>
Hates all things <insert nationality>
Hates bullies
Hates chauvinists [if you mean male chauvinist, then say so]
Hates critics
Hates getting caught in rainstorms
Hates getting dirty
Hates graffiti artists
Hates monkeys
Hates nationalistic jokes
Hates rats (near-fanatical)
Hates rudeness
Hates sailing
Hates sleeping on the ground
Hates space-flight
Hates spicy or alien food
Hates the smell of horses
Hates to be directly contradicted
Hates wearing a headset
Hates zoos
Holds no ill will toward <people> over <typically reviled cultural practice>
Hopes one day to bag a <rare/nasty beast>
Horrible hangovers
Hums to himself when working field
Hums while walking patrol
Idolizes <someone>
Ignores ideas he thinks are silly
Ignores the comfort zones of subordinates
Insists her gang is the toughest
Insists on three meals a day
Inspects gear himself before a mission, even just training
Intolerant of “savages”
Intolerant of bullies and braggarts
Intolerant of other religions
Intolerant of stupidity
Inventive torturer
Jealous of higher-ranking <group/class character belongs to>
Jealous of superior <government> equipment
Keeps "lucky" bear teeth with him at all times
Keeps a diary
Keeps a lucky piece of barbed wire
Keeps a lucky purple headband
Keeps an old portable CD player and collects 70's rock music
Keeps his hair in a tight ponytail and refuses to cut it
Lacks typical <race> interest in magic
Leaves a black feathered arrow whenever she raids an Orc camp
Leaves trademark business cards
Likes action movies
Likes American big band music
Likes being in a crowd
Likes being portrayed as a "bad guy" ["pro" wrestler]
Likes building nightly fortifications
Likes cigars
Likes eating dates
Likes food bland
Likes his wine very watered
Likes jewelry
Likes long excursions in the surrounding wilderness
Likes red sports cars
Likes steaks extremely rare
Likes the structure of military life
Likes the waiting game [sniper]
Likes to drive fast
Likes to eat raw fat
Likes to gamble when in port
Likes to gaze at the night sky
Likes to nap during the hot part of the day
Likes to scare children
Likes to spit on <target> from glider
Likes to swap stories in bars
Listens to country and western music
Listens to the radio every night
Little sense of humor when on the job
Looks for opportunities to look competent or important
Loves children
Loves computers, the newer the better
Loves explosions
Loves fresh fruit
Loves her <pet(s)>
Loves to camp out
Loves to entertain
Loves to gamble
Loves to hear stories of distant lands
Loves to point out inconsistencies in movies
Loves trains (and hates to wreck them but does his best anyway) [commando]
Loyal to his few friends
Maintains Orthodox religious observances
Makes cheesy movie quotes during training
Makes it a point to get drunk at least once a week
Makes witty threats to opponents
Marks kills on his rifle butt
Mild discomfort in crowds
Mild fear of black soldiers [VC character]
Mild fear of cats
Mild fear of enclosed spaces
Mild fear of heights
Mild fear of heights
Mild fear of locomotives
Mild fear of magic
Mild fear of shapeshifters
Mild gullibility
Mild jealousy
Mildly paranoid
Mildly superstitious
Misquotes old adages
Misses her own people, but doesn’t let it show
Mistakenly believes <belief>
Mocks farmers and merchants as weak
Mouth breather
Mumbles to self
Nervous around barbarians
Nervous around police/security
Never cleans his weapon
Never leaves trash behind
Never packs equipment acording to SOPs
Never reads dime novels or see a play
Never shares his tobacco
Never shave beard
Never watches where he steps
Never wears a helmet or body armor in the field
Not embarrassed by flatulence
Not excitable
Not particularly religious
Occasionally forgets details
Occasionally improvises and changes the script ["pro" wrestler]
Occasionally uses French words so as to sound educated
Offers a prayer of thanks after each successful hunt
Often forgets he looks like a <physically distinctive race>
Often forgets to turn off weapon safety
Often refers cryptically to "the Boss"
Only alcoholic beverage he drinks is fermented goat’s milk
Only uses <cyber ware/ability> when working
Only wears white or black suits
Paints hair bright colors and wears a variety of colored contacts
Pays close attention to uniforms during inspections
Physically rough with friends
Picks fights when her crew mates are around
Picks his teeth with a knife
Picky eater – hates rations
Plays mumblety-peg* with a bayonet
Plays music loudly in engine room during voyages
Plays music through external speakers in battle
Plays RPGs in spare time
Plays with her food while eating
Polishes his boots more often than is strictly necessarily
Prays three times a day, before healing and after battles
Prays to Odin prior to every battle
Preaches the virtues of Artemis to any woman she meets
Prefers <area 1> to <area 2>
Prefers farming [soldier]
Prefers Faro to Poker [both are card games]
Prefers firearms to beam weapons
Prefers passive restraint to tranquilizing [animal control]
Prefers rainy weather for travel and raiding
Prefers red, black, and white feathers and paint as war decoration
Prefers to fight only from ambush
Prefers to go barefoot
Prefers to make head shots in fights
Prefers to sleep on a board
Prefers to solve problems with violence
Prefers to use arrows he's made himself
Prefers to work bare chested [depends on job, culture, and gender]
Prefers wilderness to cities
Pretends to be very experienced with life’s trials and tribulations
Professes loyalty to Bacchus
Protective of the innocent
Proud of his invention
Proud of his position in the army
Proud of nationality
Quick temper
Quick temper
Quotes sci-fi films
Reads letters from home for illiterate comrades
Reads romance novels
Reads the end of a book first
Rebraids beard every night
Recites his own poetry while traveling
Recites the multiplication table in his spare time
Refuses to debate religion
Refuses to do anything he deems "woman's work"
Reminisces about home
Rock climbs in his off-duty time
Rubs hands together and nods vigorously when excited
Runs five miles every morning
Rustles wings when she’s agitated [winged character]
Scoffs at notion of a “fair fight”
Scornful of the Hospitallers
Scratches his scar
Scratches luxury car paint with her claws
Secretly believes pursuing artistic endeavors is a waste of time
Secretly wishes he was a berserker
Seems oblivious to his scar
Sees his work as just another job
Seldom bathes
Seldom gets jokes
Seldom shaves
Sensitive about his snoring
Sharpens his knife and spear each night
Shaves his head except for his eyebrows
Shoots pistols at stray dogs
Shuffles cards when bored
Shy around attractive members of opposite sex
Shy around opposite sex
Shy, and seems sullen
Sings hymns every night after dinner
Sings in battle (Jimi Hendrix, poorly performed)
Sings to himself on long rides or marches
Skips breakfast to exercise
Slaps crewmates on the back of the head when annoyed
Sleeps in his suit occasionally
Sleeps light
Sleeps sitting against a wall
Sleeps with feet toward the fire
Slightly gullible
Slightly rebellious
Slow to speak
Smokes a pipe
Smokes cigars
Sneaks naps on watch
Sneers a lot
Snide (except to clients)
Snobbish about wines
Soft spot for children
Something of a fop
Something of a glory hound
Something of a romantic
Something of a show-off
Sometimes forgets to tie his shoes
Somewhat naïve
Somewhat pompous, especially with peers
Speaks about disappointing pupils only in third person
Spends spare time whittling pegs
Spits on crewmembers he dislikes from crow’s nest
Spits on defeated opponents
Stands upside down or sideways in zero-G when groundsiders are present
Stares at people he doesn’t trust
Steadfastly denies wrestling is fake ["pro" wrestler]
Steals from others’ traps
Still attempts to treat wounds he suffers [generally undead]
Strong dislike of <group/person>
Studies da Vinci's writings
Style is always more important than substance
Sucks the marrow from bones
Surfs the web frequently
Suspicious of elves and goblins [Dwarf]
Takes baths as often as possible
Takes baths at least once a week [Half-Orc in an Orc tribe; Fantasy campaign]
Talks about “motherlode” constantly
Talks about “the good old days” of being a cowboy
Talks in a monotone
Talks incessantly about the weather
Talks to himself when alone
Talks to his horse
Talks to small animals
Tapes Saturday morning cartoons
Tells bad jokes and expects people to laugh
Tells tall tales about the sea to “landlubbers”
Thinks it's good luck to spit in a cook fire
Thinks magic is stunting true scientific advances
Thinks most southern countries are soft and lazy
Thinks of herself as world-wise
Thinks stables are barbaric
Thinks the caliph's troops are soft and unskilled
Thinks trademarks are foolish
Throws axes at furniture to pass the time
Treats “whiners” a little rougher
Tries to “count coup” at least once each battle
Tries to come up with creative solutions
Tries to convince others to loan him money
Tries to fit in with human soldiers [a merc giants's quirk]
Tries to get his horse to respond to whistled commands
Tries to hide farsightedness
Tries to hide hearing impairment
Tries to make any haul a nonstop drive [trucker]
Tries to make at least one origami sculpture per day
Tries to perform magic tricks for children
Tries to recruit likely candidates to the U.N.
Tries to set a good example for his employees
Tries to talk to animals
Truly enjoys her work
Uncomfortable in armor heavier than boiled leather
Uncomfortable in boats or on rafts
Uncomfortable when not on horseback
Uses formal titles of address, even with friends
Uses foul language for shock value
Uses French phrases when speaking English
Uses his broadsword to point
Uses his pistol only as a last resort
Uses very few words
Usually has fleas
Usually stays on base when he takes leave
Very careful about his size around the barracks [a merc giant's quirk]
Very diplomatic
Very formal
Very fussy about his appearance
Very meticulous about cleanliness
Very mild manic-depressive
Very patient
Very polite
Very possessive about his property
Very proud of being an airborne soldier
Very shy around strangers
Volunteers his troops frequently
Wants an overseas assignment
Wants to be a famous skald
Wants to command a deep space mission
Wants to learn how to play <musical instrument>
Wants to star in a real movie
Wears a gold earring to pay for his funeral
Wears dark glasses indoors
Wears his lab coat everywhere
Wears sunglasses except in total darkness
Wears white gloves at all times
Well groomed
Will never surrender
Will not discuss religion with nonbelievers
Will not drink milk of any sort
Will not enter a church, even if following his quarry [generally undead]
Will not kill wounded soldiers
Will not talk about anything outside of business
Will not touch drugs
Will not wear a helmet
Will only drink water straight from a well or spring
Won’t share his weaponry
Works out at least two hours a day
Worried he will someday hurt an innocent, avoids children for this reason (berserker)
Writes his family once a week
Writes his name insdie all of his clothing
Writes off all religions except Roman as foolish
Yells as he enters the battle

* - According to www.m-w.com, it comes "from the phrase mumble the peg; from the loser's originally having to pull out with his teeth a peg driven into the ground.  Date: 1627.  A game in which the players try to flip a knife from various positions so that the blade will stick into the ground."  Read about how it is played.

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