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The Supporting Cast, or Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

There have always been those willing to stand between the world of man and the world of the Unkown.  Today, there is but one such entity, The Society.  Their brave membership skulks about in society's shadows, trying to save it from its own ignorance of the Unknown. 

Many others acknowledge the Unknown and wish to help in the fight, but are not suited to be Agents.  Such people support The Society by providing resources. 

On the other hand, there are some figures among the Unknown that present a significant and/or recurring threat.


Table of contents

  • Good Guys
  • Bad Guys
  • Miscellany

Good Guys

  • Steven Petrov - Director of the Plano safe house.

Bad Guys

  • Calif N'ar - believed to be older than The Society and possibly older than civilization, the Calif is an enigma.  His powers are poorly understood.  At times he works directly to effect mankind, yet at other times he seems to be almost ignorant of mankind's presence.  He rarely presents a direct threat, but rather seems to reflexively promote mayhem.  There is some concern that he is simply so powerful a Creature that his very presence promotes the manifestation of the Unknown.  It appears that when he does actively work among man, his purpose is to corrupt humans, helping them learn the powers of the Evil Way and putting them on the road to self-damnation.  He usually carefully selects powerful and intelligent figures, so these activities present a very real danger.
  • Thomas Jackson - Thomas is a proficient broker.  The only problem is that his merchandise tends to be guns, drugs, and people, dead or alive.  He has been known to work with the Unknown.  Recently, he and one Dr. Gerstein had tried to use captive Ghouls to grow biological weapons, by providing them "food" (dead bodies) and then occasionally harvesting the diseases from a select Ghoul.  This was a particularly unpleasant process since Ghoul bodies dissipate into a noxious vapor when they die, so Dr. Gerstein was vivisecting Ghouls to accomplish his ends.  Their plan was compromised in mid-May by the Society before completion.
  • Willhelm Gerstein, M.D. (license revoked) - very much the mad doctor, Dr. Gerstein seeks to intimately understand the Unknown.  Dr. Gerstein's most recent endeavor was causing Ghouls to manifest so that he could better understand the subtle differences between corporeal and incorporeal Creatures.  Because Ghoul bodies dissipate when they are slain, Willhelm used vivisection to accomplish his ends.  He was recruited by Thomas Jackson in April/May of 1992 in an attempt to harvest novel bioweapons from the disease ridden Ghouls.  Their plan was compromised in mid-May by the Society before completion.  Dr. Gerstein was placed in Society custody as of May 10, 1992.
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