"What is mercy? Does it taste like marrow?" - Phage, Tyranid Hive Mind

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White Dwarf Articles Concerning Tyranids

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Warhammer 40,000 Tyranids Articles

Article (Issue, Title: Description. [Author])
UK265,Chapter Approved: And they shall know no fear rules clarification, cityfight sub-plots and Tyranid Q&A. [Andy Chambers]
UK263, The Defence of Iyanden: The story of the fight by the Eldar of Iyanden to protect their craftworld from a Tyranid assault. [Phil Kelly]
UK263, The Hunters Hunted: A battle report - Tau take on the Tyranids. Pete Haines, [Phil Kelly & Andy Hoare]
UK259, Chapter Approved: Deathwatch kill teams, master of the Ravenwing and Tyranid monstrosities. [Andy Chambers & Pete Haines]
UK257, Tyranid Bio-Weaponry Thesis: A detailed Imperial report examining the hideous bio-weapons the Tyranids employ upon their foes.
UK255, Hostile Terrain: When Tyranids land on a planet they don't just destroy its inhabitants, they strip the planet of all resources… [Pete Haines]
UK255, Chapter Approved: From within the swirling maelstrom of gene-stripping that is the new Codex Tyranids, Pete Haines has found time to bring us rules for using huge gribbly Tyranid bio-constructs on the battlefield… [Andy Chambers]
UK254, The Tyranids are Coming!: The Astropath's breathing was fast and laboured. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he struggled to maintain contact with the beleagured Space Marine Chapter. Kryptman reached out a hand to support him. 'Warn them, warn them, the Tyranids are coming!' screamed the Astropath... [Graham McNeill]
UK254, Chapter Approved: With the release of the splendid new Tyranid range, we thought it would be rude not to give Andy Chambers some serious column inches to talk us through his latest brainchild, Codex Tyranids… [Andy Chambers]
UK254, The Incident at Bunker 472: Welcome to another no holds barred battle report, and with the pernicious influence of the Tyranids infesting every part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe this month, it would have been a crime not to showcase these vile extraterrestrials in a fanatic and bloody battle... [Phill Kelly, Andy Chambers & Pete Haines]
UK251, Twisted Evolution: The Hive Mind has been rather suspiciously silent just of late. In order to remedy this situation, this month 'Shukes' shows off his own slavering horde and explains how he made his huge Tyranid bio-creations… [Simon Shuker]
UK242, Chapter Approved: Something a bit different for this month's Chapter Approved, a preview of some of the work I've been doing on Codex Tyranids (steady, steady, the Codex is still a long way off). The Tyranid Lictor has been begging for some improvements so that it can actually carry out its insidious mission of terrorising opponents of the Hive Mind... [Andy Chambers] You can download this article from the GW site here
UK231, Cold Steel: In this month's battle report, the Ultramarines must defend their home world as Tyranids fall upon them from the skies… [Andy Chambers, Jervis Johnson, Gav Thorpe and Tuomas Pirinen]
UK210, Bloodscent scenario: Blood Angels vs. Tyranids
UK205, The Lurking Horror: Space Wolves vs. Tyranids battle report
UK192, Evolved to Destroy: The Tyranids do not have a technology as we understand it, instead they evolve creatures to perform specific tasks within the hive fleet and their armies… [Andy Chambers]
UK190, Tyranid Warriors: Tyranid Warriors are the elite troops of the Hive Mind, deadly bio-engineered fighters bred only for war… [Andy Chambers]
UK188, Across the Void: As the horror of the Tyranids is unleashed upon the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Andy explains how this ravening threat was developed, from initial concepts to a whole new race!… [Andy Chambers]
UK145 Tyranid Army: From the icy void of interstellar space surge the terrifying forces of the Tyranid hive mind. A massive intelligence formed from the consciousness of untold billions of creatures, it threatens the complete destruction of mankind… [Andy Chambers & Jervis Johnson]

Epic Tyranids Articles

Article (Issue, Title: Description. [Author])
UK218, The Coming of the Great Devourer: 3 historical scenarios for Tyranids in Epic
UK215, The Eternal Crusade: A look at a campaign between Eldar, Imperial Guard & Tyranids for Epic 40K
UK214, Attack of the Tyranids: Tips & tactics for the Tyranid army for Epic 40K
UK194, Tyranid Assault: Tactics to use with your Epic Tyranid swarm… [Gavin Thorpe]