"What is mercy? Does it taste like marrow?" - Phage, Tyranid Hive Mind

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Converted Biovore with Bio-Acid Spore Mine Launching

This was the first thing bigger than a Spore Mine or Ripper Swarm that I painted and the first thing with the funky arm ribbing. I went with basic color theory on this and simply chose the complementary color to purple, yellow, which I thought was a reasonably safe choice since the ribbed areas were surrounded purple and thus isolated from the green. It came out all right, much better than simply leaving it as highlighted purple I think, and consistent with the other models which I plan to have not only yellow ribbing but also possibly brood markings in yellow to help differentiate the broods.

It was also one of the first miniatures I had ever based. I decided on scrub, because I think that the patches of grass help break up the monotony between bases and it looks more realistic overall without too much more effort.